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Established in 1991, HJ Storkøkkenservice provides service all over Zealand. Our strongest point is our capacity for repairing a considerable number of different brands and appliances. Thus, HJ Storkøkkenservice provides full service to most catering centres, and the customer just needs to call in one service provider.

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At HJ Storkøkkenservice, professional competence and the provision of excellent service play a crucial role. Thus, you can always expect professional advice that will meet your demands. Our core values are expertise, quality and an understanding of your requirements. We regularly participate in courses and service training relating to most brands –in Denmark as abroad. We also sponsor the football club, Lyngby Boldklub.

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HJ Storkøkkenservice

Magdelonevej 2

2400 København NV 

Phone: +45 40 57 16 61



This address will be updated when I have found a new workshop.​

Spare parts and parcels be sent to to Magdelonevej 2 2400 København NV.