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​Welcome to HJ Storkøkken

Our specialty is repairing, servicing and performing preventive maintenance checks on all types of catering centre appliances with the exception of refrigerators and freezers.​

About us​


ur strength is that we can repair many different brands and appliances. We can therefore offer full service to the vast majority of catering centres, so you only need to call one place. Contact us

We offer​


Service and repairs of all hot kitchen appliances; we specialise in industrial kitchens. HJ Catering Centre Service also provides appliance maintenance and ordinary service checks.

​Service and repairs

Here are a few of the brands we service and repair. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us Contact us.

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Magdelonevej 2
2400 København NV

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HJ Storkøkkenservice

Magdelonevej 2

2400 København NV 

Phone: +45 40 57 16 61



Trekronergade 149 E

2500 Valby​

Spare parts and parcels be sent to this address.